Adobe InDesign
Mohawk College 2020
This was a small editorial assignment that I enjoyed and I was quite happy with the final output. I created this newsletter called "Outside-Inside" by a fictional company named Fuori, as I was studying editorial design and using grids in Adobe InDesign. The class was given some assets for the newsletter, such as colour swatches, a logo, text, and images for each article and page. I had to follow directions based on what belonged where, but I was open to designing the layout however I chose. While researching other newsletters for inspiration, I was inspired to place images as blocks with thick lines for alignment and separation purposes. It led me to the idea of involving geometrical components, like a triangular image and angled lines. Exploration of shapes was the most exciting part of designing this piece, as well as the colour theme and drop-down lines to represent each article to make it easy to follow.

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