Adobe Photoshop
Mohawk College 2020
This was a major project from an Illustration class in my fifth semester. I am thankful I had the opportunity to learn about creating art using a paper virtual reality system. The task for this project was to create a VR illustration in Photoshop based on your favourite children's book or story, which mine was "Naughty Little Monkeys" by Jim Aylesworth. The main plot of the book is about a couple who goes out for the night and puts their twenty-six monkeys to bed, not knowing the monkeys will be awake and rebellious once they leave. I am happy with the layout I chose to work with as the composition makes the story easy to visually read. The process of this work was long and repetitive, as I would expect when drawing twenty-six monkeys and several windows. Overall, producing virtual reality art was a fresh and gratifying experience, I would look forward to doing more of it!
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Close ups
Animated Gif

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