Adobe InDesign / Photoshop
Mohawk College 2019
This menu I created during my second year at Mohawk is one of the top major projects that I am most proud of. The class was assigned a client, 'MR MIKES SteakhouseCasual' located in the Niagara Region, who was looking for a brand new menu design. My intention for this menu was to have a separate coil-bound hardcover with the pages inside. My menu is designed to have tabs for each page so it is easy for customers to flip through. I was aiming for a fun approach using an exploration of colours. I love that every page design is different while I still maintain the brand throughout. I focused well on hierarchy and envisioned ways draw someone's eye to what's important. Vector elements, shapes, images, and colours play a big part in this piece. A challenge I faced with this project was arranging the information when the space was tight, but it was also an enjoyable part of the experience!

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