Adobe After Effects 
Mohawk College 2021
Song: I'll Be There For You by The Rembrandts 
In my final semester, I took a class on Motion Graphics. As a beginner to After Effects I was pleased with this assignment and got rewarding feedback. I was assigned to form a title sequence based on any TV show/movie using motion graphics. I chose to work with "Friends" because it is one of my favourite shows, especially one with a catchy title song. I knew multiple components could be incorporated, like the famous couch, lamp, 'Central Perk' sign, and some significant moments that most fans would recognize. I often have a thing for using circles in my designs as they are meant to have a sense of flow. I decided to start the sequence by revealing the 'Friends' logo and carrying those coloured dots throughout by changing colours and experimenting with motion techniques. You could say these circles are showing life and togetherness by following and reappearing, just as the TV show would represent.

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