Adobe Dimension / Photoshop / Illustrator / Fantastic Fold
Mohawk College 2020
'Rosie Posie Café and Eats' is a third-year packaging project that lasted an entire semester. The notion was to invent a donut brand and proceed with the branding and packaging process in five benchmark submissions. In the brainstorming stage, I imagined a pink fifties theme known to empower and celebrate women. The idea was inspired by the Pink Ladies, fifties diners, polka-dot skirts, and other things related. 'Rosie Posie' happened to be a catchy name that best represents a feminine brand. Throughout the semester I created die-lines, bristol board mock-ups, and 3D models. These packages include a single-donut box, dozen-donut box, and a mini-donut box branded "RosieBuds." I had the most fun while learning to work with Adobe Dimension for final compositions and Fantastic Fold, a platform made for forming packages from existing die-lines.
Product shots

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