Acrylic on Panel / Adobe InDesign
Mohawk College 2019
I had the privilege to paint this poster for Mohawk College's celebration of International Women's Day in 2020 and was voted top seven amongst other students. For this illustration project, I interviewed my assigned inspirational woman, Estefani, who was a Mohawk College alumni willing to share her career story and accomplishments. I produced an exceptional layout that displays a full portrait of Estefani, a portion that demonstrates what she does for work, and the well-known rainbow windows that represent Mohawk College. The use of colours, lighting, tints, and shades was critical, I am glad that I focused on cool colours for the majority of this painting as the warm colours add a subtle but brilliant touch. The seven voted posters have been officially printed and shared with local elementary and secondary schools. They are displayed to raise awareness and inspire young girls to believe in their dreams.
Voted in TOP 7 IWD posters of Mohawk’s Graphic Design program in 2020.

Estefani with a framed print


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