Adobe Illustrator 
Mohawk College (Internship) 2021 
I designed these two infographics near the end of my internship with Professional Development (Human Resources) at Mohawk College. I played a part as their graphic designer during my final semester. As a team who is in charge of the employees at Mohawk, I designed these infographics based on the annual review process steps for employees and managers. I was asked to create "flowing" graphics that signified the copy given. There were directions that the client wanted me to follow while managing to keep step five to the side (since the review discussion occurs outside of the review). I had the free ability to choose what elements and graphics fit best. The use of circles, dots, curvy lines, and especially the monochromatic background makes the design look alluring and put together. It is an easy-to-read infographic with design elements that "flow" as the client wished for, the team was very satisfied with what I presented to them.

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